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Real estate transactions can feel so overwhelming. They’re often complex, chaotic, mind-numbing endeavors that confound and frustrate even the sharpest clients.

That’s where I come in.

Hi, I’m Pam, and I help you bring order to all that chaos. I believe organization is critical to success, and tracking schedules, deadlines, and intricate details are my second-nature. Buying or selling a home is a big step; you need to keep a level head. So, I use my skills to put you at ease throughout your real estate journey.

I obtained my real estate license in 2016 and, thanks to my many years working as a paralegal, I feel right at home wading through the legal language of offers, contracts, warranties, and other documents that swarm around real estate transactions. At Mode RN, we take the time to help you understand all of it, because knowledge is power, and you deserve to feel empowered.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, Badger sports, an volunteering.

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Pam Pahmeier