Alex Gille

Licensed Real Estate Agent



Get to Know Me

Successful real estate takes energy, passion, and ambition. It also takes hard work, commitment, and constant collaboration between the client and their agent. Hi, I’m Alex Gille, and I’m thrilled to work in partnership with you on your next property venture.

Born and raised in Madison, WI, I am a true Midwesterner! Growing up, Hockey was my whole world, and the sense of passion, solidarity, and strong work ethic that I developed when playing, are core values that continue to motivate me in both my work and personal life.

As your agent, it is my job to achieve your property expectations by discovering your passion and purpose. I thrive off the relationships I build with my clients, and by determining what’s most important to you, we can establish a successful and rewarding real estate path.

Outside work, I am happiest when walking my dog, drinking delicious coffee, and socializing with close friends and family. Building lasting and meaningful relationships is an integral part of my life, and the core mission at Mode fits this perfectly.

When you enter the Mode office, whether a client or agent, you instantly experience a warm, welcoming, and encouraging environment that sets them apart from other agencies. I’m thankful to be part of the MG Realty team within the Mode Realty Network.

Together, let’s make our mark on life. I look forward to working with you.