Dana Hess, Realtor

Dana Hess

Licensed Real Estate Agent



Get to Know Me

When you think about buying a property, what are your criteria? Does it need to have a big yard and good schools? Do you love a neighborhood setting or a rural retreat? Do you like a period property or a no-maintenance new build? There are many things to consider and resolve for you to feel you’ve found the right option, but the most important thing can simply be how it makes you feel. Hi, I’m Dana Hess, and I’m on a mission to ensure my clients discover ‘that feeling’ with their next real estate decision because when something feels right, good things happen.

Born in Wisconsin, I have been lucky to experience and live in many different places worldwide. But the Midwest called me home, and as an outdoorsy, adventurous person, it is the perfect place for me and my family to live life to the fullest.

In life and business, I am known for moving at 100 miles an hour! But in real estate, you have to be quick and on the ball to get the best properties. As your agent, I care that you get your wish list, and I will do everything possible to achieve this as smoothly and stress-free as possible. And let’s not forget to have some fun along the way.

The atmosphere around the whole Mode office is fun! Make no mistake, they are serious about what they are there to do, but they are also serious about caring for and educating their agents so they can do the best job for their clients.

Are you ready to get moving? It’s another morning; let’s have a great day! I can’t wait to find you a property that shouts yes.