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Jonathan Aguero

Licensed Real Estate Agent



Get to Know Me

Where are you at 5 am each morning? I’m sure for most of you, the answer is bed! As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the property! Hi, I’m Jonathan Aguero, and it would be a privilege to work with you on your next real estate project.

Born and raised in Waterloo, Wisconsin, with a strong Hispanic background, I have traveled many paths. Electrician, carpentry, agriculture, concrete, and even trained a few people on finding their perfect workout routines. All these skills, experiences, and connections have led me to real estate. I have a passion for hard work, especially when I can help others achieve. And what I love about real estate is that the harder you work, the bigger the reward.

You might have guessed that I am a morning person! Anything is possible when you start the day with a positive and productive attitude. And that is how I will guide you through any real estate transaction. I will ensure you get what you’re looking for with dedication, positive energy, and always a smile.

Working with Mode provides such a positive work environment. They are 100% focused on their agents’ progression and their clients’ happiness. They are smart! And caring; I know I made the right decision when joining their team.

If you need a workout partner at 5 am, I’m your guy! And we can get your property dreams realized at the same time. Here’s to making the most of every opportunity.